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"A quick tip on reducing the amount of time spent in therapy is through performance of a home exercise program"

"Daily participation in a home exercise program is a major factor in how quickly one recovers"

Join the worldwide trend of self-help and get started on the road to recovery today!

Lifelines can offer expert information and downloadable exercise programs on any of the following conditions:

Lifelines can offer a well-designed reliable exercise program from a reputable source and at a reasonable fee. I believe in providing people with the means to help them and each exercise program I've created is safe and specifically targeted to the problem areas. Each exercise program focuses on strengthening as well as preventing further problems and correcting possible muscle imbalances.

IMPORTANT: Each exercise program uses either standard gym equipment, swiss ball or exercise resistance bands. You can substitute the gym based exercises for resistance bands if you don't have access to gym equipment. Exercise resistance bands and swiss balls are available worldwide in sports stores or over the internet.

About the programs

Once ordered the exercise program will be sent to you via email in PDF format. A sample of each program is available for viewing by clicking on the "view sample program" option available under the description of the program.

Once using the program you must progressively increase the intensity/load to stimulate further improvements. Progression needs to be gradual to prevent further injury.

Why Choose a Lifelines Physical Therapy Program?

All Lifelines programs include physiotherapy exercises to address possible abnormal pelvic movement. Regardless of the injury you are recovering from, be it shoulder, knee or low back pain, core strength exercises play an integral role in the rehabilitation process, strengthening your core results in more efficient movement for both upper and lower limb, therefore aiding recovery and decreasing further injury. All Lifelines programs address the injury you are suffering from by incorporating physical therapy exercises along with exercises specific to that injury.

Don't be fooled by lesser programs that focus solely on the injured areas and ignore the importance of physical therapy.

If abnormal pelvic movement is contributing to injury, its correction is a vital part of treatment and rehabilitation.

According to Brukner & Kahn 2201, "Excessive pelvic movements, either bilateral or unilateral, are usually a result of poor control of the core muscles in association with tightness of postural muscles such as the hamstrings. These abnormal pelvic movements are an important predisposing factor to injury especially overuses injury"

A person shouldn't be allowed to return to the same activity that produced the overuse injury without the cause of the injury having been removed.

Do you really know what core strength is?

What exactly are your core muscles? How do you know if you are targeting your core muscles correctly? Do you know which exercises target your core muscles and which don't?

Find out the truth about physical therapy and discover the secrets that not many people know. Find out how knowing the truth about core strength can help prevent injury and increase sporting performance.

Not all PT programs the correct muscles.

Not all abdominal muscles are core muscles.

Your core contains more than just abdominal muscles.....what other muscles are involved??

How do you ensure the abdominal exercises that you are doing are targeting the correct muscles?

Who benefits from increased core strength?

If you are:

Physical therapy exercises will help you to:

It is important to incorporate core strength exercises in to any pregnancy program, OOS program or injury recovery program. A lot of lesser programs miss this vital step.